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  • Entrepreneurship in Uttarakhand

  • Next UPG meet at 20th Feb, 2011
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    Four years ago at the peak of the recession when the thought of entrepreneurship was furthest from the minds of the people, Uttarakhand Professional group was formed on LinkedIn as a forum to connect the professionals from the state of Uttarakhand. The idea was to bring together the professionals all around the globe and create a forum to discuss primary issues facing the state.

    • Poverty
    • Brain Drain
    • Infrastructure
    • Lack of enterprises

    It was recognized over the years that the primary issue with the state is a lack of entrepreneurial spirit. Uttarakhand Professional group has evolved into a Networking forum to promote entrepreneurism in the state. Over the last four years, the group has become almost 700 strong with active on the ground network to promote the cause. The idea is to create long term prosperity in the state by generating employment, value and wealth in the state.

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